A Podcast turned Social Media Agency on its way to new heights


During my years in college I got myself into a lot of trouble by hanging out with the wrong crowd and being involved in things I should never have been involved in…

Before I learned about crypto, credit, and assets I never knew what I truly wanted to do with my life.  I figured I’d graduate college with a degree in health and become a personal trainer but for some reason I couldn’t see myself playing that role.  For a long time I felt lost and confused constantly searching for answers.

I’ve always made content as a kid and I vividly remember when me and my friends would create community YouTube channels to try and help promote other small content creators like ourselves. 

I guess we just always wanted to help people and see them grow into their true potential…

When I got older I began smoking marijuana and wasting my life with parties and things that would distract me from my true goals.  I had friends who would only talk about the next party, the women they’re hitting on, what’s on Netflix, How much life sucks, and etc.  Not once did any of my friends want to workout, start a business, or invest in our futures.  I soon became a victim of my environment…

Junior year of college I was selling weed on campus and slowly becoming the “cool guy” around school.  I let it get to my head and lived carelessly.  I was unfaithful in my relationships, I was emotionally damaging those who questioned me, and even still I thought I was on top of the world.

A few months later I was robbed at gun point and shot at over 10 times.  Luckily I made it out alive.

At this moment in time I knew nothing about investing, assets, business, entrepreneurship, llc’s, the tax code, crypto currency, real estate, NOTHING AT ALL.

For this reason I created the brand: Almost Died Broke, LLC because I truly almost died broke. (full story)